Tour Guide Jack's Teacher Package

Play ball at Fenway Park, Boston, USA

Swim with fish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Tour Guide Jack's Teacher Package:Let us know when and where you are going, for how long and the ages and interests of your party and we will provide you with thoughtful recommendations, suggestions for accommodations and must-see activities, advice about local transportation, and helpful travel tips. We do the research to weed out what you are not interested in, and provide you with only the very best "field trip" suggestions!

Tour Guide Jack's Best Friend Package: Maybe you're looking for a little more direction. It's always good to travel with a buddy! Tell us when, where, who's traveling and for how long, and we'll plan a daily itinerary for you complete with recommended accommodation, an organized list of must-see activities for each day of your trip with hours and admission prices, and advice on how to get from place to place. Of course we'll organize things so that your itinerary flows - we wouldn't want you racing from one end of the city to another - you're on vacation, right?

Tour Guide Jack's Mother Knows Best Package: Sometimes we all need a hand to hold. You give us the particulars and we plan everything right down to the clean underwear. Okay, maybe not the underwear. But we will tell you where to stay, where to go and what time, what it's going to cost, and we'll provide the maps so you don't get lost. We'll provide you with a more detailed description of each activity, to make sure you're learning a little something too. If there are tours or tickets you need to pre-book, we will provide you with the contact information you need to complete the booking. We will provide you with all the options for local transportation with the costs  for you to consider. There will also be lots of advice and helpful tips, and you can email us on the go, because your mother always wants to know where you are and what you are up to!

   At Tour Guide Jack, we can help you a number of ways:

Send us an email at  Tell us when and where you'd like to go, who is in your party and their interests. We will contact you to get more information on what package you are interested in, and provide you with a quote based on your needs. Pick and pay for your package and we will put together for you a preliminary itinerary with suggestions for accommodations and, if applicable, a travel outline (for multi-city or multi-country trips). Once you have approved the outline, we will get to work filling in all the details. For the Teacher and Mother Knows Best packages, you will have one more opportunity to make any changes. We will send you a completed digital copy in a PDF format. For the Mother Knows Best package, we will be available to you via email for the duration of your trip, answering any queries and providing assistance as requested.‚Äč

What's all this great advice going to cost you?

Tour  Guide Jack's Teacher Package: $50 Ca.

Based on seven days or less.                              

Tour Guide Jack's Best Friend Package:  $50 Ca. or less, per full day of travel. Customized quotes provided.

Tour Guide Jack's Mother Knows Best Package:

$100 for the first full day of itinerary, $50 Ca. or less for each subsequent day. Customized quote provided. Advice provided by email during trip as requested.

Parasail in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Tour Guide Jack's Mother Knows Best Package

Tour Guide Jack's Best Friend Package

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