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As a child, I was lucky to accompany my parents as they crossed off items on their bucket lists – Utah to see family, New Brunswick to see friends, Florida for the sand and sun, Alaska for the glaciers. Had my first kiss in San Francisco. My mom and I spent ten days together in England so I could walk in the steps of British rock stars, while indulging a passion for British history. Who can resist kings, queens, beheadings and intrigue? As a student I had the opportunity to live both in Nice, France and Beirut, Lebanon. Those were adventures! An organized, summer long, student trip to France was my first taste of independence – we worked toward earning a high school French credit in the mornings, but afternoons, evenings and weekends were spent at our leisure. We roamed the shops and beaches, travelled by train to Monaco, and indulged in a little, well, probably a lot of underage drinking. Funny how exotic a laundromat can seem when its thousands of miles from home!

After finishing a specialist degree in history, I spent time in Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Israel. I ended up married, in war torn Beirut, Lebanon, a situation that turned my father’s hair from black to grey. That marriage didn’t last, but the wanderlust has never been extinguished. I’ve travelled with newborns, children and teenagers. We’ve swum with giant sea turtles, walked the Freedom trail, dodged apple throwing monkeys, and flown in twelve seater planes.  

Tour Guide Jack was born from the desire to help you enjoy independent adventures on your own. I am too old to throw on a backpack and stay in hostels, but far too young to be herded on and off a bus with an organized tour group. When I travel, I want to set my own itinerary - if you do too, then I can help.  When I can’t travel, I read about travel, research travel, dream travel and plan travel – travel itineraries for future trips, for friends and family. As an avid traveler, teacher, and camp director, I have planned countless adventures. What makes a successful trip? That depends on you! I cater to your interests, whether it’s road tripping through the Canadian Maritimes, searching for sloths in the rainforests of Costa Rica, or hanging out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  Need inspiration? Get tips and ideas from our  blog. Need help? Contact us at Tour Guide Jack. We’d be happy to help you plan an adventure of your own!

Jackie Ahmad, founder of Tour Guide Jack, is an insatiable traveller. She's taught elementary school for over ten years - and she made great use of all that vacation time! Once a teacher, always a teacher - second only to travelling herself, she most enjoys helping other people plan their adventures.

"There's a great big world out there - explore it!"

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